EcoRich Grazing are the land management specialists for successful graziers and pastoral companies.

We work with you to create sustainable and profitable pastures and grazing systems to suit the
needs of grazing businesses from family managed holdings through to pastoral companies. We apply objective, measurable and scientific but practical methods and principles to achieve these outcomes.

Combining good science and state of the art technology with over 65 years of industry experience we can help you to measure and understand your property’s current and potential long-term carrying capacities and develop strategies to realise its potential.

With our broad experience in research, development and extension in the grazing lands of northern Australia, Col and Rob can help you to:

  • Measure and document the land condition and potential long-term carrying capacities of your property. This has particular relevance for due diligence when purchasing a property and provides a benchmark for comparison over time.
  • Measure pasture quantity and quality at the end of the growing season and develop a forage budget to deal with seasonal climatic variability.
  • Develop management strategies for moving the property towards achieving healthy pastures, soils, profitability and optimum long-term carrying capacity.
  • Develop sustainable management strategies to help buffer the vagaries of seasonal and
    climatic variability.
  • Optimise the balance of trees and pasture.
  • Develop strategies for improving the success of establishing productive sown pastures.
  • Set up a system for monitoring and continuous improvement of land health and stock